Arles addendum


Detail from church yesterday in Arles, of the damned chained together and being licked by flames! Makes me wonder once again why the church focused so much on Judgment Day rather than on “loving as I have loved you.” The church faced directly onto the square, where musicians played, the fountain spladhed, and little boys zoomed around on scooters, much like my beloved Trinity on Sunday morning. Happy Trinity Sunday!

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6 thoughts on “Arles addendum

  1. Aha! I found you, Beth! Best wishes for a safe and rewarding pilgrimage. I’ll keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers. Posting pictures is a great idea, and I hope to see more along your journey. They’re beautiful – and spark a little envy – because I’d love to be there, too. What an adventure you’re about to begin! Buen Camino.


  2. Hi Anita,

    Ahh, I missed you, too, I have lost track of the days due to jet lag, and excursions, probably a good thing. Doing ok with my coffee withdrawal, but falling asleep at 3 pm.


  3. Anita

    Happy Trinity Sunday to YOU. Missed you mucho at church today! XOX


  4. Hi Melindaland,

    I tend to think that Christ can be found in the joy of the flying ox, and that we are never beyond redemption. I realize that I see medieval art now through a theological and church history lens. Miss your art history perspective! We went back to Arles tonight for dinner and I had another look at the tympanum.


  5. Melindaland

    Re the “damned” – I agree that it’s control through fear and the church teaching that life on earth is transitory while ones place in heaven or hell are eternal and purgatory is nearly so. All in all, I prefer to dwell on the happy flying ox.


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