I’m always aware of the largeness of Time here. In California, The oldest buildings are the Missions, from the 18th Century. Here, of course, it goes so much farther back. We went down below the street level in Arles and saw the superstructure built by the Romans to support the Forum. It was a basement the size of a parking garage. Today we visited the Pont du Gard, the Roman aqueduct outside of Avignon. Our hotel is new, in an office park, outside of Aix, and five minutes down the road is a one-way Roman bridge over a stream. I’m going to be crossing lots of those bridges on foot in Spain. One of my hopes for the Camino is to enjoy the time with the deeper appreciation of living in Time.


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One thought on “Time

  1. Nancie Meng

    I’m so looking forward to your reports, Beth. You have so many with you on this journey, albeit in spirit only. I’m among them.


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