Getting Close

Today was rainy again. The online weather report said 50% chance of rain, and it would have been easy to write off the day for walking. But I’m on the home stretch and need to walk the last 100 kilometers to receive the official Credential.

So I wore the rain gear, and took it on and off about five times today,as needed.

Last night I thought I’d join a fun group I had dinner with and enter Santiago with them.

Today I felt like I need to go into Santiago alone. I’m sure I’ll see many people I’ve met, but I need to enter Santiago on my own time and be free to be a pilgrim on my own pilgrimage.

Today there were several 13th Century churches open. It was a welcome change from all the locked doors in Galicia.






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3 thoughts on “Getting Close

  1. Aida

    In one of the traditions I studied, rainis for cleansing and purifying. May you discover a new and a refreshing wholeness as you complete your pilgrimage


  2. Melindaland

    Yeah Beth! You’ve certainly made good time, these three weeks seem to have gone by so fast as a reader of the blog. Your choice to complete the journey as you began, on your own and in your own time and way, rings so true. Buen camino mi amiga and may the sun come back! We readers have learned so much from you and your journey, treasuring both you dear one.


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