Welcome to “One Footestep at a Time,” my blog about walking the Camino de Santiago!

I made the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela via the Camino Frances over the course of three trips, in 2013 and 2015.

Camino 1.0 began in St. Jean Pied-de-Port on June 5, 2013.  I had great intentions of walking the entire 790 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela in one journey of thirty-some days.  But not long before Burgos, as I walked into San Juan de Ortega, my ankle started to give out, possibly from tendinitis.  After taking a bus through the Meseta, I ended up at the Parador in Leon, still in pain, and decided to return home to the Bay Area.

Once home, my ankle healed with rest, elevation and ice.  I dreamed of returning to the Camino. At the end of the summer, I began to train again, and bought a plane ticket to Madrid for the month of October, 2013.

Camino 2.0 began in Leon, on October 5, at the Parador, where I’d left off, in June. I walked from Leon to Santiago de Compostela, arriving at the Cathedral on October 24.

But wait…there’s more!

Camino 3.0 began the week after Easter, 2015, and completed the “missing link” between Burgos and Leon that I’d skipped in 2013.

I wrote most of the posts on this blog via my iPhone, and they reflect the immediacy of being in the moment, and are a witness to the joy of walking the Camino.  I also wrote some posts when I returned and had time to reflect on my experience as a pilgrim. Many of those are under the tab “Reflections.”

Since returning to “real life,”  I’ve learned the following:

  • Once you’ve walked the Camino, you’re always a Pilgrim.  I will return to the Camino again.
  • The experience of walking the Way of St. James continues to transform my life.
  • There are many books about the Camino: memoirs, historical fiction, guidebooks, picture books.  You can read my reviews on the Book Review page.
  • In the past two years, I’ve led retreats for several Episcopal churches using my Camino experience as a metaphor for our spiritual journey of faith.  I am available to speak to groups or lead retreats.  Please leave a comment to contact me.

About me

I’m an Episcopal Priest and a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a trained Interim, which means I lead Episcopal churches while they are in the transition period between permanent clergy.  I’m married to my college sweetheart and we are parents of three young adult children.

I welcome your comments and conversation.

Many Blessings on your journey, and Buen Camino!

xo, Beth


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Stanley Sauerwein

    Thanks for your blog! It brought up so many memories of my Camino, like the silence you encountered in Calzada del Coto. I came across so many villages that were like empty movie sets for spaghetti westerns complete with a scrawny dog or two. My Camino, all the way in one go and alone, included an accident that laid me up for two years afterward. That doesn’t stop me from planning another walk though. I’d like to gift you a free ebook copy of my book if you are interested. I’m hoping you’ll be kind enough to leave me an honest review.


  2. Dear Susan: Ahhh, how sweet to hear from you, and regarding RevGalBlog Pals, which has become very important to me in the past few months—-what a resource and what a community! I will consider it and be in touch via email. Blessings! Beth+


  3. Beth, how about going with me to the RevGalBlog Pals Big Event in Edinburgh next April. Check the website. I’m going. Would love to share a room with you. Another kind of pilgrimage.

    Susan Allison-Hatch (sahcdsp@yahoo.com)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, looking forward to reading through more of your blog before I embark on my Camino in 56 days! Loved the post about Brierley’s guidebook, and I have already been sensing it is just a guide . . . we are in charge of our own journey.


    • Glad you enjoyed the post, and I hope the blog is helpful. How exciting that you’re about to embark on the Camino. Brierley is a very good guide. Use it like a compass to plan the overall scope of your journey if you want and then enter into Pilgrimage mode and walk as much as feels good that day. I often stopped mid-way on a “stage”…Foncebedon was one of my favorite stops and it was definitely in the middle of a stage.


  5. hannah

    blog is looking good mama! love you


  6. pam Harris

    I am so excited for you, Beth. I too, was deeply touched by the film, “the Way” and all it can represent.
    I look forward to reading your blog- and living vicariously through your journey. Buen camino, dear Beth.
    xo Pam


    • Thanks, Pam! Excited and nervous about the journey in equal measure. Maybe more excited now that we’ve landed in Europe. Figuring out this blog thing on the fly. Hope you are well, and I’m happy you’re along for the ride.


  7. #1

    You are the best. This is going to be awesome. Can’t wait for stories. LOVE

    Ps I’m 25 now don’t get it twisted. Xoxox


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