Will it all fit? This pack is too small! With the help of my intrepid (and ruthless) daughter Andrea, I am getting serious about packing. We got it down to 14 lbs without the 2 liter camelbak filled with water.

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6 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Melindaland

    Dearest BA, you go BFF! Adventure of a lifetime, want to follow each and every “footestep,” so much love travels with you! Go Boomer-girl!


    • Thanks, Melindaland! My original travel buddy in France. We’re In Aix-en-Provence for a few days of exploration, on first stop of the trip.


  2. Anita

    Love the colors! I will be following you with prayers and cheers every step of the way. I am in awe of your undertaking. Bien Camino! Much love, Anita


    • Thanks, Anita! A “jewel-toned” color scheme has developed. And your purple moleskin journals fit right in! Thanks! I hit the wall this afternoon in terms of weight. 14 lbs was before I put in the toiletries and “other” items. Walked around the block with 18 lbs, which felt really heavy. So we went got even more ruthless….truly a spiritual discipline!


  3. Beth Foote

    Hello ! wishing you all of the best. I will follow your postings. Much love, Beth Foote


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