Totally enjoying my time as a tourist in Southern France! Today we drove to Arles and walked through the market, then wandered through the labyrinth of streets that open onto squares with buildings from so many different centuries. St. Trophime church on the Place Republique, is a Romanesque beauty. On the right side of the doorway is a panel that shows souls chained together, like a chain gang, on their way to hell, being licked with flames. Yes, I’m a tourist for the time being, but the pilgrim in me wonders why the Church focused so intently on the Day of Judgment? Was it a desire to control behavior through fear?



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2 thoughts on “Arles

  1. Melindaland

    Love the detail photo of the the tympanum. St. Luke’s winged ox is especially charming, so sweet and individual (different from most) looks rather like the sculptor’s favorite family milk cow. There’s something wonderful about these sorts of personal connections being possible across all these centuries. Are you and Hale also going to Avignon, perhaps Carcasonne? I’m having a grand vicarious time following along and some envy too…


  2. Anita

    A beauty indeed! I like imagining you there. So happy that you and Hale are having this special time together. XO Anita


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