Today we took a bus to Marseilles from Aix. Turns out that there’s a bus every 5 minutes between the two cities. I’m becoming reacquainted with the wonders of European public transport. It works. It’s inexpensive. It’s easy. Today the bus driver made change on the bus! The hardest thing about it was finding the Gare de Routiere in the rain.

Marseilles reminded us of a huge Oakland. It’s a port city, with many immigrants. They have an “Alcatraz” tourist site, too, on an island, where the Count of Monte Cristo was imprisoned. Like in 1978, we walked and walked, so I got some good training for the Camino. Its been unseasonably chilly and rainy for late May, so we’ve been playing hide and seek with rain showers. We hung out for an hour at a funky little sidewalk bar waiting for the rain to stop. Turns out it was the inspiration for France’s number 1 hit TV show. So I had to take a photo.


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4 thoughts on “Marseilles

  1. This is a ggreat blog

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  2. Thanks for clarification on the meaning of the title of the bar! We went to Cassis, and enjoyed it very much. You have a beautiful country!


  3. Melindaland

    Lookin’ tres cool BA! Rained here all that day too, knew it was raining in Paris and wondered if the South was wet as well… I’m hoping this cool weather will be a plus once you’re on the Camino. Have a great day tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you! Lots of love.


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