Ankle update

Back on Tuesday on the 12.2 k to San Juan de Ortega, I did something to my right ankle. It slowly began to hurt as I hiked, and now it’s painful to put weight on it. Ibuprofen and compression bandage sock have been applied; ice is hard to come by. I hobbled around Burgos, and it was feeling better with the compression sock. But it’s nowhere near healed enough to walk 20 k on it.

There was one bus yesterday from Burgos to Fromista, one of the larger towns out in the Meseta. It left at 5:30, so I had all day in Burgos on my own after Monika left. I visited a church nearby–San Lorenzo–and there was Mass, so I stayed. Many well-dressed 70 year old women. Then I had a nice lunch on San Lorenzo street, that winds off the Calle Mayor.

Picked up the pack at the hotel and hobbled over to the bus station. I was definitely the only American there. I had to figure out the ticketing, and then the bus arrived and off we went, out of Burgos into the countryside.

Fromista is about three stages along in the guidebook, and has a landmark Romanesque church, so it seemed like a good choice. Turns out that there aren’t many busses on this part of the Camino.

I got to Fromista and as I was crossing to the church, the French woman from Orisson waved to me! We greeted each other, and then our language skills failed us. But it was great to see her.

The church is very simple, totally different than the usual gold gothic/baroque. 1066! It is the first church I’ve seen that I’d like to celebrate the Eucharist in.

When I came out, someone was jumping up and down across the street. It was Gina from Chicago! She and Kai were sitting outside, and we had dinner together.

The ankle is really disappointing me. I have to recalibrate and not get upset. I will taxi to the next town and perhaps bus to Leon.









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6 thoughts on “Ankle update

  1. Melindaland

    Love you & feel for you so much dear one, no guilt, ever. You’ve time, even if it’s next year or ?, to walk more of the Camino :-)! I’ve absolutely no doubt that if you want to, you will be back to give it another go & knock our collective socks off all over again. Hummm, collective socks, doesn’t mean I’m lusting after your used ones. (Had to toss in a touch of the old bizarre, bunkie! Can’t wait to see you again BA.)


  2. Melindaland

    Probably trite and something you’re doing already but be amazed (as I am) at what you’ve accomplished already, all the wonderful countryside, churches, and people. Maybe use the ankle as a talisman not of weakness but of the spiritual strength that carries you forward no matter the mode?


    • Thanks, dear Melindaland! I’m back on the bus tomorrow with no guilt. I have done a lot. you’re right. Tsking ot one day at a time. The walking is very pleasure able and I miss it.Headed to either Saragun or Leon for several days of resting the foot. Hope to get some medical attention there.


  3. Mich

    Beautiful Church!
    Rest that ankle and best you can.


  4. Pam

    Becoming a hackneyed phrase, but… “It is what it is”. Seems to work in settling the mind into what is now. Enjoy your journey. Xoxo


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