And now for the bus portion of our Pilgrimage

There are definitely worse ways to travel. Wi-fi inboard, and it’s very inexpensive. One bus a day goes through Carrion, at 11:45. As the morning went on, a small group of pilgrims gathered at the bar where the bus stops.

All of us had some sort of Camino injury: hips, knees, my ankle, and bad blisters. I had desayuno outside, and the cafe guy was nice enough to fill up my zip lock bag with ice. I got 2 hours of ice and elevation, and shared the ice with a young woman from Orange County, whose knees were hurting.

After I bought the bus ticket to Leon I read in the guidebook that this week is their big Festival and Running of the Bulls. So I am off to Leon with no reservations and entering a possible Mardi Geas situation. I’m kind of excited. Maybe I finally get to see my bullfight.

Here are a couple of shots from the bus stop in Carrion. The elderly lady spoke only Espanol, but hung out with the pilgrims giving us advice and well-wishes.

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20130622-133402.jpgf shots




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4 thoughts on “And now for the bus portion of our Pilgrimage

  1. Melindaland

    Ah ha, a pilgrim! I should have known by the hat. Glad you’ve scored some ice, feel better soon and hope you’ll be able to see a doc when you get to Leon.


    • I’m in Leon, hanging out at hotel with real ice on my ankle. Splurged on massage (wonderful) and she said it is “no grave,” very tight muscles. She gave me good, concrete advice on how to ice, etc. going to rest another day here. Feel like Eloise at the Plaza.


  2. Melindaland

    Hello! Why does Saint James have a guitar?! I love it but what the hey!? He’s playing a concert at 7 pm? Miracle of miracles!


    • Dear Melindaland:

      Hey, that’s a statue of a pilgrim! Lots of places have them where the Camino comes into town. I went to the concert that night. I posted a short video on FB. Good idea to write about for the blog while I’m laid up with hielo on my ankle. Ciao!


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