A mellow mood


Yesterday I walked part of the way with a dentist from New Hampshire, who’s been on the Camino for three weeks. He and everyone I’ve met so far have said last week was a nightmare: 5 days of walking the Meseta in pouring rain.

One of my goals for the Camino is to be mindful of my blessings. The autumn sunshine so far is something I’m saying thank-you for throughout the day. It’s very similar to Alameda, but colder at night.

Enjoyed solving the problems of the USA with Edwin from NH over dinner last night.

This morning I had my pack transported via Jacotrans to my next stop. What a difference that makes! I may have found my pace: 15k a day with a daypack. I arrived pleasantly exercised but not hurting at 12:30 and there’s time to relax and explore the town.

I walked most of the way today with Petra, a nice woman from Bremen, Germany, who’s been on the Camino three weeks.

She was continuing on to Astorga, another 15k, and it would have been fun to keep talking, but I was sure I wanted to limit my mileage. As we crossed the bridge into town she found a note for her under a rock from a friend named Dave. Very romantic!

My pack was here when I arrived, and I’m settled into Albergue San Miguel, one inviting place. They greet you with a glass of local vino tinto, and it’s full of original paintings.

I discovered a blister on the usual spot on my 4th toe. The Albergue owners sent me to the Farmacia and I had personal treatment by a lovely pharmacist. It was fun to practice Spanish with her, and she got a kick out of my being from San Francisco. “Señora de San Francisco!” She said to her coworker in the back.

Some towns are just friendly, and Hospital de Orbigo feels that way. On to Astorga tomorrow, blister and all.





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One thought on “A mellow mood

  1. Melindaland

    Transporting the pack, what a grand idea. I so love the thought of you “pleasantly exercised but not hurting.” Also like the new moniker “Señora de San Francisco!” Sorry to hear that that blister’s back but hope you’ve got what you need to tend to it. Autumn in northern Spain sounds & looks lovely. I bet it feels like you’re back in the Camino Groove again after a “vacation” at home.


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