I’m stepping up the training with my fully loaded pack. Walked twice around Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland for a total of 11K in two hours. Feeling good! The whiffs of weed drifting along the breeze from my fellow East Bay walkers and relaxed folk certainly didn’t hurt.

Near the place where I met the fellow Peregrina, I passed this trash can…Camino symbols are everywhere!

Yesterday I circled twice around Lafayette Reservoir for a total of 8.6K in two hours.  Once again, someone passed me coming the other direction and said, “Buen Camino!”

Feeling good! More hills, less weed wafting along the way in the suburbs. But some weeds were blooming.

They, too, were signs of the Camino.

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9 thoughts on “Training 

  1. When do you start your Camino & from where?


  2. Following you on your journey on the Camino. My son and I watched “The Way” last night. I am praying that you recieve what you need on this portion of your journey. Know that there are many walking with you in spirit. God bless you Beth.


  3. Melindaland

    Tomorrow is Easter, wishing you so many blessings and much joy!

    The next day (!) you’re off and away on Camino 3.0! May it be your best, most fulfilling Camino yet. Knowing you and your amazing ability to persevere, I feel sure that you’ll come through this newest venture stronger in spirit, faith and body than ever!

    So here’s one irreverent parting thought Bunkie: “Git R Done Girl!”

    Can’t wait to see your next posts! Love you & have every belief in you, always!


  4. Gina

    Can’t wait to hear all about it! Be safe and take care (of those ankles)!


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