I had a lazy afternoon in Hontanas at Albergue Santa Birgida. I hand washed clothes and hung them up to dry, but transferred to the radiators as it was abou 55degrees and drizzling. The hostel was a sensitively restored stone building with three dormitory rooms. 8€ for my bunk bed, 10€ for dinner & wine, 2€ for breakfast.  Beautiful up to the minute tiled private showers, in two shared shower rooms, but just two, also very new, beautiful toilets downstairs. It’s interesting to see how there’s flexibility in the building code that wouldn’t  happen in CA. For one thing, shared baths aren’t done culturally, except at camp sites or gyms.  But in a place that sleeps 30 would there be just two toilets?

The two brothers that own the place are there from April to Zoctober and then they go to Cuba in the off season.  Not clear on what they do there, but I found it interesting.

I was the only one there until 5 when Alan took another bunk. He was about 50, from Rouen, and spoke no English. But he had one those little brick shaped French/English dictionaries and we passed it back and forth over dinner and had a very fun time talking about the Camino and different types of wine, Californian and French, and how he thought French wine was vastly superior to Spanish wine.

It occurred to me that at home it would not be done to share accommodations with a strange man and would be perceived as dangerous, and for many reasons, rightly so. But it wasn’t awkward. It’s nice to know that a certain innocence, respect, and safety still prevails, on the Camino.

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4 thoughts on “Hontanas

  1. Hale

    Here’s how sexy the Way is, at least in the American mind: I had dinner tonight in Charleston, SC at the home of complete strangers. Someone asked “do you have a family?” and when I told them about your Camino, it dominated table conversation. And you got a toast, and a group prayer.


  2. Melindaland

    Hay there, BA! Is there a problem with the blog? No email notice of this post, almost missed it and am wondering if there was one in-between it and the one from Hornillos? if it’s me, my wierdo isolated N Cosat internet connection? If so, then never mind…. Seems like Gina got the post…


    • Sorry! Hmmm, don’t know! It may be on your end. I’m writing the next one for later today. If you put the blog address in the browser you can check in latest posts. Fun to have you following. Have had a few “incidents” reminiscent of our travels.


  3. Gina

    It was pouring down rain when I left for Hontanas out of Burgos! Did you see the fountain/statue of the man with the water coming out of his…? That was in Hontanas, I believe. It is strange but wonderful how the “rules” and lifestyle of the Camino remain intact when the rest of the world operates so differently! Enjoying your journey from my couch!


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