Final Kilometers and Request

Hello, friends of the blog! I’m 8k away from the Cathedral in Leon,my final destination. If any of you are up right now can you send me some energy? I’ve got the a case of the Pilgrim limp and taxi temptation.

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11 thoughts on “Final Kilometers and Request

  1. Melindaland

    Alas I am also too late… After reading your post about the ankle becoming a bit dodgy last night, I fell asleep thinking of you at 9 AM up and at it, pushing through the last kilometers of Camino 3.0. I wished I could send you a big hug, an ankle brace and a Cadbury Fruit & Nut! Did it work? No matter how you covered those last few Ks (how hard to resist the siren song of the taxi…) this is a great accomplishment & I’m terribly proud to know you! This Camino seems, though shorter, to have been so packed with discovery, growth and special moments of connection and reflection. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!


    • Thanks, Melindaland, for jumping into my mochilla (backpack) and being along for the journey.

      I was intending to taxi into Leon, but then something came over me and I had to walk all the way. Now I can say I walked the whole stretch from Burgos. After I posted that request on the blog and on FB I got an amazing response from people sending energy& prayers! Wow! I could feel it! My ankle actually stopped hurting, and I cruised into Leon. Amazing feeling! Cadbury Fruit and Nut never goes out of style, and you sending me one telepathically certainly helped.

      We’re overdue for you to come down for a visit to the DeYoung and a Camino debrief! I’ll keep blogging as I continue to process the last week’s experiences.


      • Melindaland

        At Last! I’m so happy for you that I could, and am, crying… Way to GO Bunkie! So proud of you, so in awe of your amazing reserves of strength, passion, faith and spirit which have carried you through 3 Caminos. A marvelous journey of the body and spirit & I’m sure you’ll carry those memories and the changes within you forever!

        A DeYoung visit and a Camino debrief sound super! I’ll have to wait until after I come back from travels in October. Fall is one of my favorite times of year, maybe we could put together a visit around Halloween!?


  2. do what ever you need to do to take care of yourself. God will love you no matter how you get there, she is very compassionate. Blessings on your journey


    • Thank you, Eleanor!! Yes! I’ve felt Gods embrace all along the Way, and it was more my own desire that pushed me on to walk all the way. But I was moved by how many people responded to my call for energy on FB! I’ve loved wearing your prayer beads! What a gift they were! Felt both chic and protected wearing them. The string gave out about 1/2 way through, and I need to restring them.


  3. Anita

    I fear that I am too late, but I am sending huge hugs, cheers, and encouragement to you and your legs. Keep going … You are in my prayers …. Xoxo


  4. Beth, you are amazing! I have enjoyed being with you in spirit and reading your reflections on your journey–life is just the way the Camino is and you are being held right now!


  5. George

    Go! Pushing from DC!! I am thinking about walking up Nob Hill with Jane last year, one step behind her, pushing on,well..behind. Find a Camino caboose force!


    • LOL!! Do I know that walk up Nob Hill! Thanks for the push, I got a power boost from you and many FB friends that was amazing. All of a sudden my foot stopped hurting and I walked all the way over Autovia snd past auto dealerships to the Cathedral! Un Milagro!


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