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Carrion de las Condes

I’m having a quiet afternoon in Carrion de Los Condes. (I need to find out what the name of the town means in English, I keep thinking of vultures.) I took a taxi from Fromista to here this morning. It was perfect walking weather, and the Camino went alongside the road, which made me feel frustrated. Such easy, straightforward walking and I can’t do it. The taxi driver was a woman about my age, and she was pedal to the metal , going 120 kph. She spoke about as much English as my Spanish, so we ran through our conversation fairly quickly, but I enjoyed riding with her. She said she transports many Peregrinos who can’t walk.

The Meseta is a wide open plateau area in Spain and about a third of the Camino travels through its small towns. It’s known for being hot. This summer’s wet weather has kept it green and full of wildflowers.

I was delivered to Carrion de Los Condes at 11:00, and found the “official” Albergue, run by nuns, and got in line. There is a guitar concert and communal meal tonight.

The check-in was memorably confused, and personable. The Europeans immediately retired to the kitchen in groups, and made lunch, with bottles of wine. Local farmers had donated crates of tomatoes and cucumbers for “the pilgrims,” and it was tempting to cook.

There’s a very nice vibe here. It’s interesting to be the only American, I think, out of 48 people. Mostly Spanish, French, Italian, and a few Asians.

Since I was early, I have a nice cozy bottom bunk next to a wall. Since I haven’t walked 20 kilometers, like the rest of the pilgrims, I’m not as tired as everyone else, but I need to rest my ankle. Here’s a few photos of the Alburgue.





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