Church in Los Arcos

The countryside is punctuated with ancient churches. Today my pilgrim buddy, Caroline and I bussed to Los Arcos from Estella, to give our bodies a break. (20 minutes to cover 22 kilometers vs. about 5 hours at my good pace. We walked into the church, which looked semi-impressive on the outside, and my jaw dropped. Overwhelmingly beautiful. Cloisters attached. Sometimes Spain just brings tears to my eyes. We’re going there for pilgrim Mass this evening, and another pilgrim blessing. There’s St. James again!





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6 thoughts on “Church in Los Arcos

  1. Gina

    Hey! Get down from there!

    Beautiful mass in a beautiful church in a lovely little town!!!


  2. George

    Beth! I just got to the blog. (Thanks for the alert, Hale.) Feel like I am running a marathon to catch up with you. Need camelback. Poles. Faith! Love your writing and your spirit. Getting a metric system conversion lesson, to boot. Can’t wait to catch up. Pant. Pant.


    • Hi George! Yes, pant, pant…I’m slowly making my way westward, 20 kilometers at a time. Slowly getting the metric system as well. Glad you’re along for the pilgrimage.


  3. Melindaland

    You look great in the oratorio, what a super church interior. Giving your bod a break is a great idea and don’t short yourself on your pace; 22 Km in 5 hours is almost 3 MPH & that sounds darn good to me :-)! it isn’t Olympic race-walking.


    • Thanks, I’m feeling much better, and am heading out for 29 kilometers tomorrow. The guidebook stage is 28.5, to Logorno, but I’m stopping early, at Viana, in the wine country. Leaving at 6:30 to get a head start on the heat. Yes, the rain has stopped for now.


  4. Hale

    You look good in the pulpit!


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