Astorga Sabbath


Yesterday I took a serious rest day, not unlike a Sabbath.

I’ve been staying at Albergue San Javier a block from the cathedral, in a 300 year old house that’s been converted into an Albergue: two floors of bunk bed rooms, a downstairs common area with an open kitchen, sunken seating area, and a back courtyard with a balcony overlooking it from the second floor. Laundry hangs above the courtyard. The place feels homey.

After Camino 1.0 I am taking the rest thing seriously to keep the ankles happy. Staying “home” slowed me down enough to have conversations with fellow pilgrims from Korea, Spain, Finland, Hungary and Denmark. I went to the grocery store and bought eggs, cheese, good Spanish wine for 2E and made lunch in the kitchen. It’s was a nice break from coffee bar food. I sat in the sun and read, and had a restorative foot massage. In the evening, I had dinner in the kitchen with two sisters from Hungary. At 10:00 I climbed into my cozy lower bunk and slept 8 hours. Truly a Sabbath. Slowing down has brought me deeper in touch with my fellow pilgrims.

This morning I’m eating another omelette and sharing the rest of my groceries with other pilgrim cooks. It feels good to see the rest of the eggs get cooked, and leave the spaghetti for someone else to boil up another day, and to give back to the Camino.

I’m going on up the Camino towards the Cruz de Ferro today, after checking out the ancient hospital where St. Francis stayed on his Camino in 1212!




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3 thoughts on “Astorga Sabbath

  1. Anita

    Oh, Beth, I love that you are back on the Camino. You go girl! I really enjoy your stories and photos, all so inspirational. Feeling in touch with you is truly a treasure. I am only sorry that I did not make it to see you in the East Bay between your trips. I must make that a priority upon your return.glad that you are taking time to take care of your body so that your spirit can be nourished all the more. XOXO Anita


  2. Melindaland

    Beautiful pics of the interior of Albergue San Javier! Do the dinning tables really have marble tops or is it imitation? Overall, it strongly reminds me of my grandma’s house in the Central Valley…so it seems real home-like to me just from the photos.
    Off topic a bit, but the shipments from Husch were delivered yesterday and today…a taste memory of your visit when you get back to Alameda!
    I’m impressed by what an international experience your Camino is, such a wide variety of people, experience and cultures sharing the same goal; it’s really a unique community. If you can’t tell, I’m more than a little envious 🙂 !


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