Carrion for the Second Time

I walked through Carrion filled with wonder. There was so much more of it than I’d seen in 2013. Plazas and stores, and finally, a sparkling river. 


I circled back to the 12th C church of Santa Maria. It was open. That was where we’d had the classical guitar concert, Mass and pilgrim blessing in 2013. In April, things were quieter. Fewer pilgrims, no Mass that night.



 This crucifix was German, from 1350. It has the same Y shape as a famous one in Puente la Reina. How did it get to Carrion? Did a German pilgrim carry it here?

A beautiful Madonna and child from the 13C.

St. James, as a pilgrim. I said a prayer for the people of St. james/Santiago, Oakland, back home.

Spending time in Santa Maria made up for all the closed churches along the Way. I was so thankful to return to Carrion and to be a Peregrina again. I gave thanks for good health and prayed for all the injured pilgrims struggling to continue. Carrion was the place where all the days of walking 20k+ caught up with people. It had probably always been that way.

Later that day I met Tammi for a walk around town. The light was beautiful on the buildings, and people were out enjoying the evening, and greated is with “Buen Camino!”




We talked about our prior Caminos, and how there’s always more to learn.Then we found ourselves behind a church that overlooked the river. It was so quiet we could here the water burbling far below. “The 23rd Psalm,” was all Tammi said. Indeed. 

My experience of visiting Carrion again showed me how much bigger God is than the little boxes we create for God in our minds. It was filled with Camino moments. The Holy Spirit, Espiritu Santu, flowed through that day, like the river.


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2 thoughts on “Carrion for the Second Time

  1. Melindaland

    Even more great photos, you are so good at this! Loved the church pics, was thinking how very Germanic & un-Spanish that crucifix looked, then scrolled down to your caption! There must be a story there but guess it’s a mystery for now. I know it’s shallow of me, but I’ve got to ask, what the heck is that sign showing a black sheep in white knee socks and a cockroach about?! May your string of great days continue, onward to Leon!


    • Tomorrow I walk to Leon! Can’t believe I’ve made it. Ankle a little dodgy but I’ll go slow. Believe it or not there are herds of sheep moving through town, but I don’t know what the cockroach is about! Certainly open to interpretation! It’s fun how all the signs have commentary on them, in different languages.


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