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Burgos For the second time

It’s 1 am and I’m jet-lagged and I can’t sleep, so I’m writing a blog post while I have strong wi-fi at my hotel. 

My flights were easy, and I sat next to a nice Spanish lawyer from Extramadura on the Atlanta to Madrid flight. It was fun to visit with a combination of his English and my (very) minimal Spanish. It seems unusual to talk with your seat mates these days. I was thankful for that and also that he helped me find the shuttle to Terminal 4, where I caught the bus to Burgos. Then we said good-bye, and I was off on my own.



After the scenic two and a half hour Bus ride from the Madrid airport,we pulled into Burgos and I knew exactly where I was. Just a five minute walk across the river to the area where the Camino comes through. The weeping willows are leafing out, and the fly fishermen are there, again, so charmingly, in the middle of town. The familiarity brought back fond memories of my days here in 2013, with my friends. Again, I was thankful.

I had really good pinchos at a recommended restaurant at 4:00, and then a really (!) bad pilgrim meal at 7:00. My mealtimes are all off because of jet lag and the late Spanish dinner hours. 

The light on the Cathedral was warm on the newly-cleaned stone as it shifted through the hours today. The art inside was as remarkable as I remembered it, and I felt the same spiritual distance.



And there was the hunky portrait of Burgos’ hero, El Cid.  

I’ve seen fewer Peregrinos than I expected today. It’s early in the season. The weather is cool and crisp, just right for walking.  I look forward to the journey to Hornillos tomorrow and entering the stream of Pilgrims.

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